Personalized Gift Ideas for Her
Personalized Gift Ideas for Her
Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

We've all been there - hardly any time before her birthday, it's impossible to
decode the hints, and you know if you get this wrong you will pay.

Never fear!  We have put together some excellent personalized gift ideas that you
can buy, or will stimulate your sub-conscious to deliver the meaning of that hint.  
Now is not the time to panic!
Personalized Gift Ideas for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
468x60 Birthday Gifts
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Monogrammed Soaps
Why we like it:
Personalized, quality soaps make for a
special gift.  4 different types can be
chosen or go for the assortment.
Price: $36
Why we like it:
Any name can be put onto this sturdy
canvas tote bag.  You can check beforehand
(to make sure you like the meaning of the
name).  Coordinating mug, nightshirt and
mouse pad are available.
Price: $19.95
Name Meaning Tote Bag
Monogrammed Soaps
Why we like it:
A warm and cozy towel wrap that can be
personalized with your name or a
monogram.  One size fits all.
Price: $30.95
Why we like it:
A stylish leather jewelry roll with plenty of
compartments for the jewelry she's taking
and for the jewelry she'll get while she is
there.  Choice of 3 styles and can be
monogrammed with up to 3 initials.
Price: $65
Spa Comfort Ladies Towel Wrap
Leather Jewelry Roll
Why we like it:
Perfect for the kitchen or breakfast nook.  
Comes in a range of sizes and your name
can be put into the cafe sign.
Price: $29.97-58.72
Why we like it:
This impressive tea set features an
over-sized cup, a tea pot and an 8 piece
tea sampler.  Any name up to 12
characters can be inscribed on the side of
the tea pot.
Price: $34.95
Personalized Cafe Canvas
Floral Elegance Tea For One Set
Tea Set
Cafe Canvas
Why we like it:
A lovely piece that shows how much you
care.  Personalized with a single initial.
Price: $36.95
Vintage Glass Initial Trinket Box
Why we like it:
This is a real rose electroplated in gold to
last forever.  Comes with a bud vase that
can be personalized.  Can be used for
weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
Price: $59.95
24K Gold Forever Rose & Bud Vase
Forever Rose
Trinket Box