Sports and Health Gift Ideas for Her
Sports and Health Gift Ideas for Her

We've all been there - hardly any time before her birthday, it's impossible to
decode the hints, and you know if you get this wrong you will pay.

Never fear!  We have put together some excellent sports and health gift ideas
that you can buy, or will stimulate your sub-conscious to deliver the meaning of
that hint.  Now is not the time to panic!
Sports and Health Gifts for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
This kit enables information about how
many steps you ran, how far, etc. to be
stored on your iPod nano.  Then you can
sync to your computer and get an analysis
over time of how well you're doing!
Price: $29
Nike iPod Sports Kit
Nike iPod Sports Kit
Why we like it:
A chic and sporty shoe with the comfort
and uniqueness of Crocs.  Anti-microbial
and odor resistant protection - not that
she would need it, her feet smell of roses
Price: $29.99
Why we like it:
Let her relax her cares away with this
versatile body massager.  Rechargeable
battery and two speeds.
Price: $59
Crocs Mary Jane Casual Shoe
SoftTouch Acuvibe Body Massager
Soft Touch Acuvibe Body Massager
Why we like it:
Perfect for the recreational golfer or the
beginner.  This package includes a
comprehensive set of clubs, a lightweight
bag and a rain hood.
Price: $129.99
Cougar Ti Cat 12 Piece Women's Package Set
Ladies Golf Set
Why we like it:
Clothing can be a bit risky as a present
but this is a really nice robe and the
lavender scent makes it that much nicer.
Price: $79.95
Lavender Aromatherapy Spa Robe
Lavender Aromatherapy Spa Robe
Why we like it:
A practical gift that has skin pampering
soaps and gentle fragrances that also
nourish and condition the skin.
Price: $35.99
Crabtree and Evelyn Spring Rain Travel Case
Why we like it:
Make sure she wants to work out! You could
run into trouble! The Ab Lounge
concentrates on the upper and lower
abdomen and obliques.  It folds up for easy
Price: $149.99
Ab Lounge Ultra
Travel case