Unique Gift Ideas for Her
Unique Gift Ideas for Her
Unique Gift Ideas for Her

We've all been there - hardly any time before her birthday, it's impossible to
decode the hints, and you know if you get this wrong you will pay.

Never fear!  We have put together some unique gift ideas for her that you can
buy, or will stimulate your sub-conscious to deliver the meaning of that hint.  Now
is not the time to panic!
Unique Gift Ideas for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
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Our Paradise Island - Personalized Canvas Art
Why we like it:
This is real canvas art showing a romantic
beach.  An artist carves your first names
onto the sand making it a one-of-a-kind
piece of art. Three sizes are available.
Price: $39.95/$64.95/$78.95
Our Paradise Island
Why we like it:
Perfect for the kitten lover, this clock will
bring a smile to their faces.  Plus the cat's
tail moves!
Price: $75
Why we like it:
Most definitely a decadent gift that
combines two things women love.  Get on
her good side!
Price: $55/dozen
Purr-Fect Times Cat Art Decorative Wall Clock
Chocolate-dipped Strawberries
Cat Wall Clock
Chocolate-covered Strawberries
Why we like it:
Decorated with hand-painted birds and a
winding floral border this is a lovely price
from the Pink City of Jaipur in India. Use
as a graceful catchall in the entryway or to
store accessories on a dresser.
Price: $59.99
Jaipur Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
Why we like it:
Send in a photo, describe a situation and
you'll receive a caricature drawn by a real
artist. Show her at work, on vacation, on a
movie set etc.  Something that will be
treasured for years.
Price: $52.95
Why we like it:
Ideal for a daughter or granddaughter.  The
slippers actually rotate as it plays
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
Price: $55
Wizard of Oz Musical Jewelry Box
Why we like it:
Get her a beautiful plant delivered every
month.  Instead of one gift get her 12! Each
is in bloom and is different every time.  3
month, 6 months and one year options
Price: $140 for 3 months
Plants by the Month
Jewelry Box
Plants by the Month