Personalized Gift Ideas for Him
Bright Gift Ideas
Personalized Gift Ideas for Him

It's hard to com up with gift ideas for him sometimes.  This list of personalized gift
ideas is not for the guy who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on the
slippers they want, but for the guy you want to get a nice gift and isn't that helpful
when it comes to hints.
Magellan Travel Gifts
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Why we like it:
There is nothing more important that
keeping your beer cold.  And this
magnificent specimen does that and also
ensures it doesn't get mixed up with
anyone else's.
Price: $22.95
Big Chill Silver Beverage Cooler.
Why we like it:
Get him this personalized pub sign. Great
for a guy who likes to entertain. Perfect
for a den or games room.
Price: 29.97
Monogrammed Golf Ball Markers
Why we like it:
Make sure he knows where his ball lays,
and make sure he doesn't lose the
marker!  Excellent gift for the serious
Price: $22.95
Personalized Neighborhood Pub Sign
Why we like it:
A personal and subtle gift.  Put whatever
nickname you like on these high quality
boxer shorts.  Just to make it clear - we
have no desire to know what you wrote....
Price: $30
Nickname Boxers
Pub Sign
Why we like it:
A wallet is a classic personalized gift idea.
 This comes with 8 credit card
compartments plus 6 photo
compartments.  Can be personalized with
up to three initials.
Price: $55.95
Personalized Leather Bi-Fold Wallet
Why we like it:
For some reason the Swiss make really
good pocket knives, and this is a beauty.  
Not too big to attach to a key chain and it
can be personalized with up to 3 initials.
Price: $48
Monogrammed Stainless Steel Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Knife
Why we like it:
Professional but nice to look at too.  Can
be monogrammed.
Price: $22
Silver-plated Business Card Case
Business Card Case
Google USA, LLC
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