Sports Gift Ideas for Him
Bright Gift Ideas
Sports Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes it's hard to come up with sports gifts for him.  This list is not for the guy
who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on the slippers they want, but
for the guy you want to get a nice gift, but isn't that helpful when it comes to hints.
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Why we like it:
With electronic scoring this makes for a
good workout when you try and beat the
clock. Perfect for a den or games room.  
Two hoop version available.
Price: $69.98
Nike Extreme Sport Stand Bag
Why we like it:
Excellent value for money golf bag with a
ton of pockets in a light weight design
Price: $99.99
Single Shootout Basketball Game
Why we like it:
The Nintendo Wii has revolutionized video
games through it's innovative controller.  It's
the first console to actually make you sweat
through exertion (as opposed to getting
killed by aliens). Comes with sports package.
Price: from $349
Nintendo Wii with Sports Bundle
Why we like it:
No matter what sport they follow, they will
love a jersey from their favorite team.
Personalized ones are available, or you
can get one with their favorite player on.
Price: Starting around $50, to about $300
Professional Team Jerseys
Basketball Game
Golf bag
Why we like it:
A personalized message from Brett Favre
or 23 other players.  The photo is digitally
signed and you can add one of three
Price: $34.95
Signed NFL Player Photo
Player Photo
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Why we like it:
Great for playing on the beach or in the
backyard.  Made of cast iron, two brass,
two chrome-plated.
Price: $60
Horseshoe Set
Why we like it:
All he needs to run his own Texas Hold
'Em tournament with his friends, or just to
have a friendly Friday night game.
Price: $49.99
Texas Hold 'Em Dealer Kit
Poker Kit
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