Unique Gift Ideas for Him
Bright Gift Ideas
Unique Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a unique gift idea for him.  This list is not for
the guy who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on the slippers they
want, but for the guy you want to get a nice gift, but isn't that helpful when it comes
to hints.
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Why we like it:
Perfect for the Star Wars freak, a tech
loving dad or just for a conversation piece
in the games room/den.  Also plays "tag"
- great after a few beers.....
Price: $119.95
Voice-activated R2-D2 Robot
Why we like it:
A classic addition to a games room!  
Includes 12 games including Defender,
Defender II, Joust etc.  Easy to assemble.
Price: $398.98
Midway Standup Arcade Game
Why we like it:
Comes with five ancient coins, complete with
dirt! Be the first person in more than a
millennium to see the faces of real ancient
coins. May contain coins from the Roman,
Greek, Judean, or Byzantine cultures.
Price: $42
Ancient Coin Kit
Why we like it:
You're never too old to get a remote
controlled flying toy.  And this one is a
little bit different.  Beginner and expert
modes.  The eyes change color to show
when the battery is low.
Price: $49.95
Remote-control Dragonfly
Why we like it:
This version of the Roomba is designed
for workshops with hard floors or industrial
carpeting.  It sweeps up nuts, bolts, dirt,
and other debris from your shop floor --
which means you won't have to.
Price: $129.99
Dirt Dog
Why we like it:
Who's eating his cabbages?  Who's
stealing his prize marrows?  Find out with
this motion detection camera.  35mm or
digital for slightly more.
Price: $69.95/$79.95
Wildlife Motion Detection Camera
Why we like it:
Has room for plenty of burgers, veggies and
more with 200 sq. in. of nonstick
"George-tough" cooking surface and a split,
high-dome lid
and he can plug in his iPod or
MP3 player! Cool!
Price: $149.99
George Foreman Grill, MP3 ready
Why we like it:
An American icon and a masculine icon.  
The frame, matte and engraving can all
be personalized.  
Price: $149
One Share of Harley-Davidson
Arcade Game
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