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Bright Gift Ideas
History of Mothers Day   The history of Mother's Day has a unique beginning, which has yielded a lovely holiday over
time. Although it is celebrated worldwide, the festivities are held on different days of the year, depending on the holiday's
origins in a particular country.  
How to Give a Great Mothers Day Celebration   Everyone has a mother, and around the world, no matter which culture or
geographic location, you can rest assured that some form of Mother's Day will be celebrated.  
The Elusive Mother's Day Gift   Spring is approaching and that means Mother's Day is just around the corner. It seems
each year it gets harder and harder to come up with that great Mother's Day gift..  
Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Traditional and Modern   A brief history of anniversary gifts.
Gift Calendar   Some upcoming holidays and events you don't want to forget.
Mothers Day
Which Type of Gift Giver Are You?  We all approach giving gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc. differently.  
Some of us are very organized, some of us let it creep up on us, and some of us remember on the way to the party.  
Outlined below are some character-types when it comes to gift giving.  Which one are you?
Father's Day
Father’s Day – 10 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Buy Your Dad a Gift  Fathers – they are either the guy who has everything,
or the guy who wants for nothing.  Which is pretty much the same thing when you are trying to think of a Father’s Day gift
for them.  
Father's Day – Choose a Personalized Gift  It used to be that personalized gifts were one or two initials on a few leather
goods.  I used to think it was in case you lost something or it got mixed up with someone else's.  That would mean every
watch and pen I have should be personalized; as well as my glasses, sunglasses, car keys, shopping list, remote controls,
slippers, mobile phone, dog, and (if I'm being totally honest) my children.  
How to Compare Prices on the Internet  It's easy.  Just go to a number of websites and pick the cheapest!  Right?  
Unfortunately it's not as simple as that.  Here is a simple guide on what to factor in when comparing prices on the Internet
and at your local mall.  
The Value of Gifts – Is It the Thought That Counts?  People use a number of different criteria when mentally evaluating a
particular gift they have received.  
How to Receive a Lousy Gift Graciously  Unless you are an Oscar-worthy actor it is really quite difficult not to show at least
some disappointment when presented with a putrescent gift.  
Even Worse Than Getting Kissed by a Girl...  A picture says a thousand words.....
Web Directories   A list of web directories to help you continue your search.
Ideal Graduation Gifts  Some graduation gift ideas.
Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything   Some ideas for the person who has everything.
Kids Go Wild Over Nintendo 64   The original video used in the BMW commercial.
Gift Humor   Some jokes to lighten your mood.
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