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Gift Ideas for Kids Newborn to 1

This section is mainly for people who don't have kids and have no idea what to get as a gift.
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Why we like it:
A bundle of goodies for their new bundle
of joy. You can customize your gift by
inserting a photo in the keepsake box.  
Great for a newborn or for a baby shower.
Price: $65
Everyday essentials gift set
Why we like it:
A safer alternative to crib blankets—keep
the active sleeper warm and safe! This
wearable stay-put blanket eliminates the
danger of loose crib blankets. Can be
Price: $19.95 or $24.95 (personalized)
Pet Meal Carpet and Bowls
Why we like it:
Toy changes shape and evolves to meet
baby's developmental needs. There are 4
stages - 4-8 mos, 9-11 mos, 12-17 mos
and 18-36  mos. It's really cool!
Price: $59.95
Discovery Ann B. Dextrous Motor Developer
Why we like it:
Sooth baby into a pleasant slumber with this
sweet mobile. Music plays for up to 20
minutes while soft light beams in the shape
of stars are projected on the ceiling.
Price: $44.96
Li'l Laugh & Learn Sweet Dreams Musical Mobile
Why we like it:
Send the little one off to lullaby land with
music and images that inspire sweet
dreams. It makes bedtime easier for
baby, and is a great gift for new parents.
Price: $27
Discovery Lullaby Light Show
Why we like it:
As soon as baby can hold her head up,
she can sit up! This ingenious infant seat
supports her back and torso, while the
passive restraint prevents slipping. Table
and tote also available.
Price: $39.95
Bumbo Baby Sitter
Why we like it:
High-quality super-soft plush polyester. -
Long sleeves, hood with attached ears
(awwwh), zip front. Embroidered brannan
bear detail at chest. Slant welt pockets.
Finely-ribbed trim throughout.
Price: $24.50
Bear plush zip front hoodie
Why we like it:
This personalized stool is a puzzle, too.
Imagine the fun your child will have seeing
his name on the top of this hand-crafted
puzzle stool!
Price: $49.95
Personalized Puzzle Stool
Why we like it:
Each of the eight legs produces a
different musical note when squeezed
and the rainbow tentacles stimulate
infants with color. They could even play
Price: $24.95
Lamaze Octotunes
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Ann B. Dextrous Motor Developer
Discovery Lullaby Light Show
Lamaze Octotunes
Li'l Laugh and Learn Musical Mobile
Everyday Essentials Gift Set
Bear Plush Zip Front Hoodie
HALO SleepSack
Bumbo Baby Sitter
Personalized Puzzle Stool
Why we like it:
Perfect for naptime and nighttime, this white
noise machine promotes better sleep and
relaxation. Choose from six sound programs.
Our little one floats off to sleep, especially
useful when travelling.
Price: $60
Tranquil Moments Sounds for Baby
Tranquil Moments Sounds for Baby
Kids 0-1
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