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Gift Ideas for Kids 3 to 5

This section is mainly for people who don't have kids and have no idea what to get as a gift.
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Why we like it:
This clever cow bank teaches "moolah"
management! More than a bank, this
clever cow teaches kids how to save,
spend, donate, and invest.
Price: $15.99
Moolah the Money Savvy Cow Bank
Why we like it:
No pedals or batteries required! This
space-age ride-on car relies on gravity,
friction, and kid-power! Simply turn the
steering wheel to make it go. So much fun,
kids never dream they're getting a workout.
Price: $64.95
Plasma Car
Why we like it:
Hop, skip, jump and dance with Paz and
his friends. This colorful music mat gives
your child two fun ways to play and dance.
It's a tot-sized version of DDR.
Price: $29.95
Ready Set Learn! Paz's Jump & Dance Mat
Why we like it:
Watch your little one laugh, giggle and grin
while trying to knock down these animal "pins"
with the brightly colored ball. Just the right size
for little hands, these cute farm creatures will
become your child's favorite friends.
Price: $22
Vtech Kidizoom Camera
Why we like it:
This portable theater dazzles with its unique
special effects,like a show time clock, sky
box messages,and a photo pocket for your
future star. Includes adjustable tension
rod,tieback curtains,and rear storage panel.
Price: $49.95
Doorway Puppet Theater and Puppets
Why we like it:
Snap together the magnetic balls and
rods to create an endless array of unique
geometric configurations. Let your little
one customize their own shapes to begin
expanding their imagination and creativity
Price: $29.95
Ready Set Learn! Mighty Magnets Construction Kit
Why we like it:
This 19-piece doctor set includes
everything you‘d expect and a whole lot
more: beeping pager, ringing cell phone,
and stethoscope that "coughs" on
Price: $29.95
Pretend & Play Doctor Set
Why we like it:
This elegant chair is made of premium pine,
sanded smooth and double-coated with
weather-resistant latex paint. Perfectly
proportioned for kids, and they'll love having
a chair just like yours! Can be personalized.
Price: $59.95
Adirondack Chair
Why we like it:
Adopt and raise a handful of caterpillars,
watch them transform into painted lady
butterflies, then lift the garden cover to
release your beautiful specimens into the
Price: $24.95
Discovery Butterfly Canopy
Canvas on Demand LLC
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Discovery Butterfly Canopy
Paz's Jump & Dance Mat
Mighty Magnets Construction Kit
Vtech Kidizoom Camera
Plasma Car
Doorway Puppet Theatre
Pretend & Play Doctor Set
Adirondack Chair
kid 3 - 5
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