Football Gift Ideas
Football Gift Ideas

They may not be throwing the pigskin around as much as they used to, but they still
love the game!  Below are some football gift ideas for the active, and not so active,
football fan.
The perfect gift...
Need inspiration?  
We have the solution!
Bright Gift Ideas
Football Gift Ideas Memorabilia
Why we like it:
No matter how bad it is, they will love a
jersey from their favorite team.
Personalized ones are available, or you
can get one with their favorite player on.
Price: Starting around $50, to about $300
Professional Football Jerseys
Why we like it:
A personalized message from Brett Favre
or 23 other players.  The photo is digitally
signed and you can add one of three
Price: $34.95
Signed NFL Player Photo
Player Photo
Why we like it:
Records distance thrown within one yard.
Let yesterday's aspiring quarterback feel
young again!  Gets him out in the yard
and doing some exercise!
Price: $19.95
Virtual Distance Football
Virtual Distance Football
Why we like it:
The NFL shop has a wide range of apparel
and other goods aimed at women.  Other
than being a bit TOO pink sometimes, it's
pretty good stuff.
Price: Depends on what you buy!
Women's Apparel
Why we like it:
Perfect as a stadium blanket, on a picnic,
as a wall hanging, or just adding a splash
of college spirit to a couch or bed. Many
schools available.
Price: $35.95
Collegiate Blanket
Why we like it:
Get them their favorite player to hang on
their wall.  Easily moved.  (Steve Smith of
the Carolina Panthers shown.)
Price: $119.99
Fathead Wall Graphic
Why we like it:
Great for picnics, camping, sporting
events, backyards and other outdoor
Price: $109.99
Tailgate Table
Tailgate Table
Fathead Wall Graphic
Why we like it:
There is nothing like going to a football
game.  Tailgating, socializing,
cheerleaders, food, beer, the sound of
the crowd... Oh, and the game of course.
Price: Varies by team
Tickets to a Game
Football Tickets
Why we like it:
If you have run out of football gift ideas
get them a gift card.  At least you know
they'll get something they like!  Electronic
gift certificates and actual gift cards
available.  Free shipping.
Price: $10 and up
NFL Shop Gift Card
NFL Gift Card
Why we like it:
A fitting reminder for Colts' fans and
football aficionados.  Contains a piece of
a game ball.  If you bought a lot, could
you reconstruct the ball?
Price: $39.99
Superbowl XLI Desktop Display with Game Ball Piece
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